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The Sheerness West Federation

The Sheerness West Federation

“Dreams come true with a positive view”

A welcome from the Chair of Governors

Welcome to Sheerness West Federation!


As Chair of Governors, it is my great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all pupils, parents, staff, and visitors to our vibrant and nurturing school community. We are delighted that you have chosen to be a part of Sheerness West Federation, where we strive to embody our core values of trust, honesty, care, kindness, respect, and responsibility.


At Sheerness West Federation, we firmly believe that education is a transformative journey that opens doors to endless possibilities. Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff work tirelessly to create a safe, inclusive and stimulating environment that inspires a love for learning and encourages children to reach for the stars.


"Dreams come true with a positive view" is our Federation motto, and it encapsulates our belief in the power of optimism, resilience, and determination. We encourage our pupils to dream big, to believe in themselves, and to approach challenges with a positive mindset. By fostering a culture of growth and possibility, we empower our pupils to pursue their aspirations and unlock their full potential.


As Governors, we are committed to upholding these values and supporting the Federation's leadership in creating an environment where every child feels valued, safe and inspired to learn. We work closely with the Executive Headteacher, Heads of School and staff to ensure that the Federation's vision is realised and that our pupils receive the best possible education.


We believe that strong partnerships between the Schools and parents / carers are crucial for the success of our pupils. We encourage open communication; active involvement and collaboration to create a shared responsibility in the educational journey of our children. Together, we can provide a solid foundation for their future success.


I invite you to explore our websites (including our individual school websites at and , where you will find a wealth of information about our Schools including; the curriculum, wellbeing, attendance, information (which may be of interest to your child/ren), events and opportunities for parental engagement. We are looking to make our websites a central place for all our information and updates.


On behalf of the Board of Governors, I extend a heartfelt welcome once again. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to working together to make Sheerness West Federation a place where every child's dreams come true with a positive view.


Best wishes


Mostafa Azzi

Chair of Governors